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Section  Category  Class   Name Prize in The 4th Japan-Hong             Kong International Music Competition Class in Osaka The 16th Osak International Music
Piano  Professional  Junior A  LEE Paak Yu, Jetthew  1st Prize, ANA Prize  Age-E1 2nd Prize 
 Junior B  CHANG Abigail  2nd Prize Age-E1  Espoir Prize 
 Intermediate  SUN Long Ching 1st Prize,
Japan Society of Hong Kong Prize 
 Age-J  2nd Prize
Flute  Professional  Advanced  Kenneth WEINER 3rd Prize  Age-G   Espoir Prize 

Chien Yanoch於第15屆大阪國際音樂大賽獲得第一名

於第3屆日本香港音樂比賽中取得第JHMA的Chien Yanoch,在第15屆大阪國際音樂大賽 小提琴演奏組別中優勝!以下為Chien Yanoch 的得獎感受。在此再次恭賀Chien Yanoch獲獎!

Interview with Miss Chien Yahoch

Q:  Please kindly tell us how you feel for wining the prize going outside of Hong Kong, in the international music competition in Japan.

Chien:  It was my honor and great pleasure to be invited and have an opportunity to perform on the stage in Osaka, Japan . Thanks for having me to be part of the event, I really enjoy to share my music with each little fantastic musicians there at that night. I gained experience through this event and remind me set agoal and keep go forward to achieve it in my music life. The prize was the gift encourage me to work hard, understanding and enjoy music in coming future.
Through this international music competition which beyond national boundaries, I learned a lot of things about music through other little musicians, as well as, how to well prepared my mind and enjoy perform music on stage.

Q:  What did you try and think when you played at the competition?

Chien:  I was thinking about how to make my performance to be perfect and I have tried to well communicate with piano accompanist to make sure we have the same feeling and tempo with the piece.

Q:  Did you have any favorite things during your stay in Japan?

Chien:  Yes, I loved stay in Japan. We walked around the city and played at Universal Studio, Osaka in Japan. That's my favorite thing to do.

Q:  Could you please give a statement for our new prize winners who will challenge Osaka competition and any other music events in Japan?

Chien:  No word can express how wonderful of music, let's play, share and enjoy the music on the stage together.



Section Category Class Name The 3rd Japan-Hong Kong
International Music Competition 
Class in Osaka The 15th Osaka
International Music Competition 
Piano  Professional Junior A YUEN Yuet 1st Prize Age-G 2nd Prize
  Professional Junior A CHEUNG Cheuk Hei, Gordon 2nd Prize Age-E1 3rd Prize
  Professional Junior B CHONG Chit, Jeff 1st Prize Age-J Espoir Prize
  Professional Intermediate LEUNG Siobhan Japan Society of Hong Kong Prize Age-G 2nd Prize
  Professional Intermediate LU Mu Yu 1st Prize Age-J Espoir Prize
  Professional Advamced LAI Yen Chen 3rd Prize Age-J 2nd Prize
Violin  Professional Junior A CHIEN Yanoch JHMA Prize
Youth, Infant C 1st Prize
Professional Junior A TEW Huai Hong, Carl 1st Prize Age-E1 2nd Prize
Professional Junior A CHOW Kiu JHMA Prize Age-E1 Espoir Prize
Professional Junior B WU Lok Yin, Jason 1st Prize, All Nippon Airways Prize Age-E3 Avenir Prize
Flute Professional Junior A MA Ka Him, Andre Osaka Prize Youth, Infant A Cultural Encouragement Prize

Melody Won於第14屆大阪國際音樂大賽獲得第一名

於第2屆日本香港音樂比賽中取得第一名的Melody Won,在第14屆大阪國際音樂大賽 鋼琴演奏組別中優勝!以下為Melody Won 的得獎感受。在此再次恭賀Melody Won獲獎!

"It was fortunate to receive the 1st prize and The Japan Society of Hong Kong Prize in The Second Japan-Hong Kong International Music Competition...In spite of my heavy daily workload of the university, I tried to take a good balance between instrumental practice and academic work....There were sixteen competitors in the Recital Course. I feel very honored to be one of them, having an opportunity to pass my music to the audience through musically portraying different expressions and emotions on the stage. The competition also provided me a chance to learn from the performances of the other competitors. When listening to others’ music sharing, it always gives us an important and unique musical insight. This competition has successfully achieved such goal, allowing all the musicians to explore more among the competitions, further, it was a platform for us to not only enhance our performing technique, but also built our musicality while enjoying the musical events. The experience was surely memorable and essential for establishing the musical path in my future"



Section Category Class Name Nationality The 2nd Japan-Hong Kong
International Music Competition 
Class in Osaka The 14th Osaka
International Music Competition 
Piano  Professional Junior A WU Chun Hei Hong Kong Osaka Prize Youth, Infant Course C 5th Prize
Professional Intermediate WONG Man Lok Hong Kong JHMA Prize Piano, Age-H Avenir Prize
Professional Advamced WONG Hei Lok, Melodie Hong Kong 1st Prize, The
Japan Society of Hong Kong Prize
Recital Course, Piano 1st Prize
Professional Junior A WOO Jinan Korea 3rd Prize
Youth, Infant Course C 2nd Prize,
Professional Junior A CHAN Airiana Jade Hong Kong JHMA Prize Youth, Infant Course C 3rd Prize
Professional Junior B WONG Kwun Yee Hong Kong 3rd Prize Amateur, Concerto Course 5th Prize
Professional Intermediate CHEN Yu Hsin Taiwan 3rd Prize Strings, Age-J 3rd Prize
Professional Advanced POON Ka Mei, Camille Hong Kong 2nd Prize Concerto Audition 3rd Prize
Flute Professional Advanced Yuichi Nishio Japan 3rd Prize Woodwinds, Age-U Espoir Prize