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第1届 日本香港國際音樂比賽得獎者 鋼琴項目 得獎者

初級 A 組

第1位 Mr. LAI Chun Yin

" I am glad to share my happiness and enjoyment through music."

第1位 Mr. SO Ho Ming

" It is very honor to join First Japan - Hong Kong International Music Competition and I am very happy to get the prize. Thank you very much Japan Hong Kong Musicians Alliance and the adjudicator. I will join the competition again. "

第2位 Miss CHEUNG Wai Kiu

第2位 Mr. CHIU Tin Hang

" I'm honored to be awarded this prize. I'd like to thank my parents for their unconditional support and my piano teacher for her motivation, advice and wonderful lessons. "

第3位 Mr. AU Zi Qiao

" Thanks for the organizers to hold this fantastics competition! I am very happy to gain 3rd in it and this gave me big encouragement for all coming competitions. "

第3位 Miss LEE Charlotte

" I am so happy to have chance to join this competition, this really a great experience to me. Hope next year still have chance to join too! "

初級 B 組

第1位 鈴木 杏奈

"I am honored to receive such prize. This was my first international competition that I participated. I was encouraged by meeting with other musicians in the same generation, while I was overwhelmed by the energy of the people living in Hong Kong--I had chance to experience various things here. I will continue to try my best to experience various things. Lastly, I would like to thank those instructors who have taught me, and the family member who has been always assisting me with warm hart. Thank you very much."



第3位 Mr. CHIU Tin Hang

" First, I want to thanks the the general assembly that a wonderful competition is organized. Second, I want to offer best wishes to the other contestants to have a wonderful competition and good luck for the competition."




第2位 相原 美月

"This was my second opportunity to participate in international music competition. I felt very good to play my favorite ballade piece, and the result was the 2nd prize--I was very pleased. It was a great experience for me as I also find the problems to be solved during this competition."

第3位 榊原 惇之

"Thank you for having me in this First Japan-Hong Kong International Music Competition--I am honored to receive the prize in this competition. Music can connect the heart of us beyond everything. I will pray for the competition to be the bridge to connect various people."



第3位 Mr. WONG Yik Tai

" I am very grateful to the administration for giving me the opportunity to participate in the competition--and I feel very honored to receive this prize with my effort became fruitful. This first Japan-Hong Kong International Music Competition left a memorable moment in my music career. I will work harder for my piano performance and that will bring another opportunity to participate in the 2nd competition--I hope to step up further."


第1位 藤本 実沙

"I am honored to receive such prize in this commemorative event. I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward the members of the Japan Hong Kong Musicians Alliance, the instructors of my piano lessons, and my family who has been supporting me. I will continue to try my best to answer to the expectation, with this prize as the encouragement."



第3位 Miss LO Sze Leung, Shirley

第3位 鈴木 文美

第1届 日本香港國際音樂比賽得獎者 小提琴項目 得獎者



Miss TAM Wan Ching, Hannah

" It is my honor to perform in this particular event. I would like to thank for the judges for granting me the prize in the competition. The reason for me to participate in the competition was to gain more on-stage performance experience. As a 7-year old girl, there are lots of skills and techniques that I have to learn and improve. I will definitely try my best in future. I would like to meet other violin lovers in Japan mainly because I myself also love violin so much. However, I regret that I will miss the coming violin performance there due to other engagement. I hope I can attend the event in future."

第2位 Miss WOO Jasmine Faye

” I liked performing a lot. I am very glad that the judges think I play well! "

第3位 梁世姫

"It was my first entry to the competition and I was a little nervous, but I had fan by performing pleasantly. I was also very happy to hear the applause from jury members. I found I could play better after I practiced a lot, so I will continue trying to get even better."


第1位 岸川 りほ

"I am honored to receive the 1st prize in this 1st Japan-Hong Kong International Music Competition. I could receive this prize because of the support from my instructors, my family, friends and others. I will continue to practice day by day, with this prize as my encouragement. Thank you very much."

第2位 沒有得獎者

第3位 Mr. CHENG Chin Hei


第1位 沒有得獎者

第2位 山口 尚記

"I am very happy to receive such a wonderful prize. I will continue to study harder not to feel ashamed of this prize. Thank you very much."

第3位 福澤 里泉

"I am very glad to receive the 3rd Prize in this 1st commmemorative event. I am going to practice more to become an expressive, fascinating musician."

第3位 Mr. CHOW Tsz Ho

第1届 日本香港國際音樂比賽得獎者 長笛項目 得獎者


第1位 本田 歌音

"I sincerely ongratulate the success of the 1st Japan-Hong Kong International Music Competition. I am very delited to receive the 1st Prize in the commemorative event. I could perform in joy in this competition. I am grateful to the jury members of the competition, the instructor of my flute, my family and all the residents of Hong Kong."

第2位 沒有得獎者

第3位 沒有得獎者


第1位 沒有得獎者

第2位 Miss LI Anthea Theresa

" This competition has been an amazing experience. Joining this competition has been an eye-opener as I have also understood my flaws and weaknesses on flute playing. I hope you will organize more of these events as I would be very interested to participate."

第3位 Miss FUNG Ka Man


第1位 沒有得獎者

第2位 石丸 涼子

"It was my great pleasure to receive the top prize of the flute section of this competition. This was my first participation in the international music competition, which became a great experience for me. I am going to get even higher in my performance with this prize in mind."

第2位 Mr. LEE Yi Wei, Angus

" It has been an honour taking part in this competition. I thoroughly enjoyed the music-making experience with my colleague who accompanied me on the piano; therefore this award belongs not only to me, but also to my accompanist."

第3位 Mr. NG Wai Sai, Wilson